Waste Management


We aim to develop innovative solutions to make the world a greener, more efficient and sustainable world to live in.


Sensa Networks is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to optimizing operations and lessening environmental impact with Industrial IoT smart devices and M2M (machine-to-machine) data sharing.

With over 10 years in business, and thousands of sensors in operation worldwide across many industries, we bring that collective intelligence to your organization for greater efficiencies, cost savings and sustainability.

Great customer service

  • Have access to a dedicated account management team at your fingertips from 8am-8pm EST Monday-Friday
  • Quick problem resolution

It's Simple

  • Make this innovative transformation seamless by having us manage the site setup and integration with your haulers
  • Integrations are quick and can be done in just a few weeks


  • Better understand what’s happening at the store level with your assets
  • See detailed insights reporting that can be customized to your needs


  • Full compatibility with a wide range of compactors and machines
  • Have in-built (at the OEM factory) and external panel options
  • Have customized programming in your hardware to accommodate for unique needs (i.e. conveyor belt integrations)
  • Enable both small and large deployments of hardware at scale

Save Time

  • Show a return on your investment almost instantly by ensuring waste pickups happen only when needed. See up to a 60% in savings in waste hauling pickups.
  • Automate time consuming hauler requests
  • Avoid high cost pickups by anticipating demand


Sensa Networks has diverse clients and partnerships across a wide range of large and small organizations including: universities, hotels, distribution centers, maintenance companies, retailers, haulers, waste consultants, governments, property managers, manufacturers (OEMs) and many more. We seek to cultivate deep relationships by understanding our client/partner needs, and tailoring our solutions to meet their objectives. Some of our clients include:

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CASE STUDY: US National Grocery Chain



Compactors were not full when picked up, resulting in unnecessary costs for empty bin pickup. Client had no optics into compactor fullness and had a very manual inefficient waste management process.


Implemented Sensa Networks’ remote monitoring solution, developed customized parameters for each unit, and detailed reporting of progress.


Client achieved a reduction of pickups over 44 days by 50% and weight increase of 41%. This, in turn, saved thousands of dollars per month in pickup costs.

CASE STUDY: Canadian Grocery Chain


To remain relevant in a fiercely competitive grocery market, a Canadian Grocery Chain implemented Sensa Networks’ smart sensor technology to save costs and improve operational efficiency.

The Challenge:

  • Compactors were not full when picked up, resulting in unnecessary costs for empty bin pickups. Client had a very manual and inefficient waste management process with no optics into compactor fullness.

  • Inefficient and manual waste management processes, no automation

  • Limited optics into whether haulers were meeting their commitments



  • Installed a fully automated, wireless compactor monitoring system with Sensa Networks’ smart sensors connected to waste assets

  • Provided head office access to online dashboard to view progress and reports

  • Automated and streamlined processes across numerous geographies. The solution included the installation/setup of units, an analysis of historical waste pickups, the development of customized parameters, and the optimization of auto-triggers based on data received


  • Automation significantly improved the efficiency and simplicity of waste operations, saving a projected $124,800 ($4,800 per store) per year across all store locations

  • Gained increased visibility into waste management operations down to store level

  • Reduction in pickups: achieved a reduction of 62% of pickups in 1 year

  • Maximized weights: weights increased (est.) 221%


Q: What success have your clients seen by using fullness monitoring to optimize the waste pickups?

A: Our clients have experienced incredible savings and efficiencies in their implementation of the Pandora platform. It’s not unusual to see over a 50% reduction in waste pickups after implementing our system.

Q: What is your pricing model?

A: We have essentially 2 models that you can work with us on.

1) Monthly Rental (Hardware/Software included)
2) Hardware Purchase and monthly line monitoring fee.

The rates for either of these 2 options depend on volume.
We will guarantee the best rates in the industry.

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Q:How long does it take to setup?

A: It depends on how many units there are to install. We have over 250 technicians throughout the US and Canada and can implement any number of units at scale. Any implementations less than 20 units can take place in less than 3-4 weeks, any more 4-8 weeks depending on the volume.

Q:How are you different?


We provide more than just fullness monitoring. Our technology provides detailed diagnostics on your equipment, enabling you to have a level of transparency never before seen in the marketplace. Enabling this asset management capability provides optics into how your assets are utilized and if they’re abused or used inefficiently at each of your locations. We also pride ourselves on providing tier one customer support through dedicated account management and offer valuable customized insights reporting capabilities to our clients.