Currently, most municipal and commercial waste collection operations focus on emptying containers according to predefined schedules at a set frequency. This system is inherently inefficient, with half-full bins being emptied, poor use of city assets, and unnecessary fuel consumption. Sensa Networks utilizes machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless communications to allow for the automation and optimization of these waste management operations. This, in turn, enables organizations to achieve significant cost savings and operational efficiency.



Sensa can automatically schedule pick-ups and issue purchase orders to haulers only when compactors reach a specified fullness level, eliminating the cost of unnecessary collections while at the same time reducing your organization’s carbon footprint. All of this is managed through an innovative web-based remote monitoring platform that can be accessed by multiple stakeholders throughout your organization. All data is in real time and accessible 24/7.


  • Get real-time data including the status (% full) of all compactors, the last pickup, status of pickups, weight, and service alerts
  • Customize user access rights – different users see different data
  • Access the platform on your computer, tablet or smart phone


  • Schedule pick-ups and service calls, request a pickup, track performance trends and rectify areas of inefficiency
  • Great forecasting for your pickups at high volume times of the year


  • Receive secure email or SMS alerts right to your mobile device and communicate important decisions from any location instantly
  • Does not require internet access at site location – all data securely transmitted via wireless technology


  • Direct line access to dedicated account managers to help you with your business
  • Network of over 250 technicians throughout North America to handle any size implementation




Our platform tracks the following major parameters for a more detailed list
please feel free to contact our team:

Ram Pressure Operating Time No. of Cycles
Daily PSI Last PSI read FR Timer
Reverse Timer Emergency Stop Bin Installed
Power Failure Low Oil Level Overload
Plug damaged Photo Eye Blocked Spike in Pressure
No. of Bales High Oil Temp Conveyer on/off

Sensa can track equipment and system performance over time and indicate if your assets are working correctly and efficiently in real time. By tracking compactor/machine performance, service calls can be scheduled well in advance of an actual breakdown, thus reducing repair costs and leading to fewer replacements. Patterns or trends can also be identified among a network of machines. The remote sensing equipment enables managers to detect and rectify misuse of company assets – a common cause of breakdown.



Many progressive companies have sustainability programs designed to ensure environmental responsibility. Sensa’s Insights reporting capability enables companies and municipalities to better track the efficacy of these initiatives and answer whether the programs are achieving the desired objectives as it pertains to waste management. Sensa works closely with its customers to design and develop customized reports to suit their needs and can provide these reports on a cadence of your choosing.

Have a sustainability program or unique reporting requirements?